Nov 1, 2023

Powering Africa’s AI Future: VAST Data Shares its Vision at AI Expo Africa

Powering Africa’s AI Future: VAST Data Shares its Vision at AI Expo Africa

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Zane Wansbury, Regional Sales Director and Kim Ormiston, Senior Systems Engineer

Africa has massive potential to be an AI powerhouse. With a young, tech-savvy population, growing connectivity, and an abundance of resources, countries across Africa have the opportunity to leapfrog developed nations and build AI-driven economies of the future. However, realizing the full promise of artificial intelligence requires having the right data infrastructure in place first.

That’s why VAST Data will showcase the future of AI at the upcoming AI Expo Africa Conference and Exhibition, happening November 2nd and 3rd in Johannesburg. As enterprise AI and HPC adoption grows, organizations need full-stack infrastructure that delivers performance and scale to turn their data into insight.

Democratizing data is VAST’s mission. We aim to help transform every enterprise into an “AI-first” data powerhouse with access to infrastructure to store massive datasets and execute data-driven algorithms.


Driving the Data Revolution

VAST Data is a pioneer in data infrastructure, spearheading a revolution in how organizations store, manage, and activate data. We began by transforming core storage principles with our universal storage architecture. This allows unlimited scalability without compromising performance, removing traditional limits on data growth.

But VAST is about more than just storage - we aim to rethink the entire data stack from the ground up. At our Build Beyond event in August we unveiled the VAST Data Platform, consisting of four key layers:

  • VAST DataStore - A scalable storage architecture allowing access to all structured and unstructured data without complex tiers.

  • VAST DataSpace - A global namespace that permits every location to store, retrieve and process data from any location with high performance while enforcing strict consistency across every access point.

  • VAST DataBase - A DBMS that seamlessly works with the DataStore to provide database performance at data warehouse scale and data lake economics.

  • VAST DataEngine - Our upcoming compute layer optimized for the DataStore and Database, supporting continuous AI training and inference.

VAST at AI Expo Africa

At AI Expo Africa, we look forward to spreading the word about the power of VAST to drive AI innovation. Africa has massive potential in fields like financial services, oil and gas, mining, and telecommunications – all industries where VAST is unlocking transformative capabilities.

For example, in the mining industry, VAST’s platform enables companies to harness the power of geodata and AI for more efficient mineral exploration and extraction. Our architecture delivers the performance and scalability needed for data-intensive mapping systems and simulations.

Our team will be on the ground demonstrating these and other real-world use cases, showing how we can empower organizations through data and AI infrastructure. Attendees will learn how VAST makes AI more inclusive, bringing advanced analytics into reach for any customer. We simplify operations, so customers can stay focused on extracting value from data rather than just storing it.

Additionally, the VAST Gemini business model removes traditional barriers to AI adoption. Our "pay as you grow" model means you only pay for data you use, not for unused storage sitting on your data center floor. This approach combined with all-flash performance at disk pricing opens the door for any organization to leverage AI, not just web-scale giants.

The era of AI is well underway globally. But events like AI Expo Africa are pivotal for raising awareness about what’s possible in this new era of artificial intelligence, especially for African businesses. We look forward to learning from other leaders about how we can best support them in achieving their AI ambitions.

This platform sets the stage for simplified access to all data at exabyte scale and beyond - truly data at the scale of AI. We are not constrained by legacy methodologies and are reimagining the future, from storage to curation to activation. VAST lets you focus on deriving value from data rather than wrestling with the underlying infrastructure.

Our presence at AI Expo Africa ties into VAST’s larger mission to drive the global data revolution. We aim to showcase how our breakthrough technology removes limits on what organizations can achieve with their data assets. The VAST team has a passion for helping enterprises simplify and future-proof their data infrastructure to enable success with next-gen applications like AI. Events like AI Expo provide valuable opportunities to exchange ideas and spread our vision for the future of data. We look forward to seeing you there.

With the right partners and the right technology, the future is bright. VAST Data is here and ready to help Africa’s innovators find success with AI. Please come see us at booth S18 or reach out to set up a meeting. We’re excited to accelerate the AI future together, in Africa and beyond.

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