Buy Like a Hyperscaler, Deploy Like an Enterprise

Gemini is the data platform business model reinvented for savings, simplicity and choice. With Gemini, customers purchase managed software on hardware that is purchased directly from manufacturers at cost.


Redefining the data platform buying experience.

With Gemini, customers purchase managed software on hardware that can now be bought directly from our manufacturer at cost. Gemini provides customers more commercial flexibility and new ways to save on data platform solutions - all while delivering unrivaled levels of scale-out deployment simplicity.

Watch the journey to redefining the data platform experience.

Disaggregated data platform architecture meets the world’s first disaggregated commercial offering.

  • Disaggregated Hardware Sourcing

    Buy Like A Hyperscaler, Deploy Like An Enterprise

  • An Infinite Storage Lifecycle

    Never Pay The Refresh Tax, Never Migrate Again

  • Zero-Compromises Guarantee

    Your Risk-Free Path To Adopting The VAST Data Platform

  • A Trusted Co-Pilot

    Our Team Is Now Your Team

How It Works

Buy like a hyperscaler, deploy like an enterprise.

Not all customers operate at hyperscale computing levels, but Gemini provides everyone the same cost visibility and buying power that hyperscaler cloud providers use to build their clouds. Gemini disaggregates the hardware and software purchase process to provide all the advantages of a software-defined business model, with none of the integration and deployment complexity.


The infinite data platform lifecycle.

Since Gemini provides hardware lifecycle choices, the refresh data platform cycle means you'll never need to migrate data again. VAST’s asymmetric architecture makes it possible to non-disruptively scale from petabytes to exabytes across multiple generations of hardware as you build your always-on flash cloud.


Your co-pilot, your success.

Level 3 Engineer For Onboarding and Daily Operations. Coordinate deployments to ensure nothing goes wrong. Co-Pilots are responsible for day-to-day health, capacity and performance monitoring and planning.

Customer Success Management. Co-Pilots ensure the prioritization of your critical feature requests and work with early-access customers to provide advanced software access for early testing.

Infinite Lifecycle Services. Co-Pilots are cloud operators who work for you. Each Co-Pilot is responsible for providing continuous education to you and your team, as well as handling all aspects of cluster expansions and upgrades.


Removing the risk from modernizing your data

Uptime Guaranteed

VAST’s shared-everything architecture enables every container to handle any function within the system. We guarantee that your system will never experience downtime due to controller HW failures so long as you have at least one surviving controller – or we’ll give you a year of Gemini for free.

Persistence Guaranteed

The VAST Data Platform offers non-volatile memory and doesn't depend on DRAM caching to provide fast write speeds. We've created leading data loss prevention solutions for enterprises, so we guarantee that your VAST system will never drop data because of volatility or controller failure - or we’ll give you a year of Gemini for free.

Data Reduction Superiority

We’re so confident that our global, similarity-based data reduction is better than anything that’s been created before that we’re guaranteeing it. For unencrypted data sets of 100TB or more, if your VAST system doesn’t deliver the best efficiency, just prove it to us and we’ll true up the difference in the form of additional Gemini capacity licenses.

All-Inclusive Data Platform

The days of nickel-and-diming customers for software features are over. VAST’s All-Access Guarantee ensures that every Gemini customer gets all-inclusive access to today and tomorrow’s features without having to pay additional licensing charges.

10 Years Of QLC Longevity

VAST’s unique approach to endurance management makes it possible to support low-cost hyperscale flash for up to 10 years – inclusive of SSD endurance. Customers can now amortize their hardware investments over a decade, meaning the VAST Data Platform is now cost competitive with HDD-based architectures that must be refreshed every 4-6 years on average.

60-day Unconditional Right To Return

We want our customers to be 100% comfortable with their investment to advance their technology agenda and realize the vision of a true all-flash data center. Customers can return their system for any reason at any time until 60 days after its delivery. No fine print. No hassles. No risk.

In the quantitative trading industry, having the flexibility to dial up performance and grow on demand without a forced refresh or hardware tax is a key win for our business. Gemini has given us the freedom and flexibility to meet our data center needs at any given time, while also increasing our return on investment.

Jesse Sieger
Sr. System Engineer, Squarepoint Capital

In case you missed anything.

At its core – Gemini is a software offering, delivered to customers as a simple managed service on hardware they can now buy directly from our manufacturing partner (Avnet), at cost. Customers now get the complete hardware cost transparency and buying power that hyperscale cloud providers enjoy, but at the same time, the VAST Data Platform is delivered to their doorstep as a simple, turnkey appliance complete with white glove support from VAST.

Customers can license as little as 100TB and have the option to scale by the full enclosure as well. Licenses start at 1 year and can be extended as long as desired.

Gemini provides several key benefits:

  • Savings: Customers can buy what they need when they need it – extending the already significant savings of the VAST Data Platform

  • Simplicity: VAST Co-Pilots now handle every aspect of monitoring, upgrading, expanding and refreshing customer infrastructure such that it’s a low-touch/no-touch experience for customers. We’ve got customers now scaling clusters to 50PB and beyond. And when you get to that level of scale, it just makes more sense for us to handle the heavy lifting because our team knows the product best.

  • Choice: Customers can refresh whenever they like to get the best use of hardware in the way that’s right for their business. They can stop endlessly migrating and just scale via VAST’s asymmetric architecture.

According to ESG, customers can save in excess of 70% by deploying through Gemini versus legacy hardware and deployment models. These savings are realized through lower hardware acquisition costs, pay-as-you-grow licensing, removal of data migration projects, guaranteed zero downtime and lower overall support and administrative costs.

By disaggregating the hardware and software from a purchasing perspective, customers can now refresh their hardware at whatever pace they want and make those decisions based on what’s best for their data center needs, not the financially engineered mechanisms of legacy infrastructures. Legacy models couple hardware and software together such that a reinvestment in both are required to upgrade or in some cases even expand a cluster.

With Gemini, customers can grow capacity as their data needs grow or scale performance to the needs of their application. There is no need for symmetric scaling of both delivering unparalleled acquisition savings.

With Gemini, buying performance and capacity aren’t just simpler and more flexible, they’re more cost effective and transparent than ever before. Instead of paying a hardware tax derived from multiple vendors uplifting the cost of hardware, customers now have the freedom to purchase the hardware at cost. Every component of the solution is broken out by cost on the invoice so you can see the savings.

No. Every VAST solution arrives on the customers doorstep with the best protections in the industry, our Zero-Compromise Guarantee. And now, with our VAST Co-Pilot Program, our customer support gets even better with a dedicated Level-3 engineer responsible for every aspect of system lifecycle assigned specifically to each VAST customer. Your VAST Co-Pilot will be there every step of the way to give you freedom from complexity and risk as you deploy and manage your infrastructure at no additional charge.

Yes. Customers will continue to have the same unconditional 60-day right of return with exactly the same terms as our previous model.

No. Co-Pilot is a service that comes standard with every Gemini subscription. VAST Data has made a commitment to ensure that the VAST Data Platform experience is the best in the industry and is dedicated to the success of our customers. VAST Co-Pilots constantly monitor customer systems, prioritizing feature requests, handling all of the planning and deploying as organizations expand VAST. Co-Pilots are expert cloud operators who work for you.

Each enclosure in a VAST cluster must have an associated license to run VAST’s software. When a customer chooses to replace an enclosure with a new bigger and/or faster enclosure they can transfer their Gemini capacity license from the old enclosure to the new enclosure.

No. VAST customers can renew Gemini subscriptions for up to 10 years after appliance install at no increase in price. Unlike other vendors, VAST doesn’t make money when you refresh your hardware, you buy it at cost. Therefore, we have no incentive to force you to upgrade.