Lambda and VAST Data Partner to Accelerate AI Training

Lambda uses the VAST Data Platform to provide customers with a highly performant, easy to deploy GPU-powered cloud designed for AI and deep learning workloads.

Lambda + VAST

Lambda chose the VAST Data Platform for its On-Demand GPU Cloud, offering top-tier GPU setups for LLM tasks. Learn how the DataSpace enhances data handling in hybrid clouds.


Founded and led by deep learning engineers, Lambda provides deep learning infrastructure including a GPU cloud service, on-prem servers, GPU clusters, GPU workstations, and GPU laptops to customers such as Intel, Microsoft, Google, Amazon Research, Tencent, Kaiser Permanente, MIT, Stanford, Harvard, Caltech, and the Department of Defense.


Lambda selected the VAST Data Platform, the data platform designed from the ground up for the AI era, to power Lambda’s On-Demand GPU Cloud, providing customers with the fastest and most optimized GPU deployments for Large Language Model (LLM) training and inference workloads in the market. With the VAST Data Platform, Lambda customers will also have access to the VAST DataSpace, a global namespace to store, retrieve and process data with high performance across hybrid cloud deployments.

We found VAST Data to be the perfect balance of performance, speed, and price structures.

Mitesh Agrawal
Head of Cloud/COO, Lambda