Multi-Protocol Namespace

Any data, anywhere, at any time. Eliminate islands of data infrastructure with a single platform built to deliver the integrated data management that can only come from engineering the entire protocol layer in house.


Why a Multi-Protocol Namespace Matters​

While the VAST Element Store manages a VAST Cluster’s media and data, there’s more to a storage system than just storing data. The system also needs to make that data available to users and applications, define  and enforce access security and enable cluster administration.​

Just as The VAST Element Store is a namespace abstraction that combines the best parts of a file system with the scale and extended metadata of an object store; it also provides a protocol-independent interface to all individual data elements in the VAST cluster.

Multi-protocol Namespace enables data access via the customer’s protocol of choice essentially future proofing data without the need​.

How It Works

Flexibility: Powered by DASE™

The individual elements in the VAST Element store are also protocol-independent, any element in a VAST cluster can be accessed as a file, using SMB or NFS, and as an object via an object protocol like S3.  This allows users to access the same elements over multiple protocols with a unified permission model. To provide an example of multi-protocol access in practice: a gene sequencer can store genomic data via NFS, the same application writing data in NFS can enrich that write with additional metadata via an S3 API call, and this data can be made available via S3 to a pipeline build from some cloud framework.

VASTOS supports versions 3 and 4.1 of NFS (Network File System) for Linux and other open systems clients, versions 2.1 and 3.1 of SMB (Server Message Block) the preferred file protocol for Macintosh and Windows computers and S3, the defacto standard for object storage.


Multi-Protocol delivers on the VAST Data Platform promise.

Legacy systems lock data to a single protocol or provide access via gateways with limited capabilities. VAST’s single multi-protocol namespace provides future proof access to data optimized for your workflows.​