Infinite Storage Lifecycle

Designed to bring an end to the days of endless storage migrations, the Infinite Cluster Lifecycle continues on the promise of simplicity at scale. VAST’s asymmetric cluster architecture enables clusters to scale over time using various generations of equipment. Never worry about where your data is again.


Why The Storage Lifecycle Matters

Just like the mechanical hard drive, the legacy storage consumption model is a relic of a bygone era.

For as long as IT vendors have been shipping enterprise-class storage systems, customers have had to endure consistent and costly refresh cycles. By needlessly forcing the hardware and software buying experiences together, customers have had no choice but to consistently upgrade their entire infrastructure to take advantage of the latest features and releases. With ever-growing data volumes each migration becomes more complex, takes more time and increases disruption for end users and applications.​

How It Works

Buy Like a Hyperscaler, Deploy Like an Enterprise

Not all customers operate at hyperscale computing levels, but Gemini provides everyone the same cost visibility and buying power that hyperscaler cloud providers use to build their clouds. Gemini disaggregates the hardware and software purchase process to provide all the advantages of a software-defined business model, with none of the integration and deployment complexity.


Break the hardware-driven refresh cycle of legacy storage.

Legacy consumption models tie hardware to software with artificially short lifecycles that force customers to endure frequent migrations​. Gemini allows customers to amortize their hardware investment and avoid migrations with mixed generation clusters​.