Apr 12, 2024

VAST at NAB: Powering the Future of Media Creation

VAST at NAB: Powering the Future of Media Creation

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David Jaffe and Howard Marks

Ever since the days of radio, technology has driven the agenda at the NAB (fka National Association of Broadcasters) Show in Las Vegas. Since today that technology revolution has turned to data, VAST will be at NAB (starting tomorrow) showing media companies how the VAST Data Platform can help them fill those 5,700 streaming channels and make their lives easier at the same time.

Some of VAST’s oldest and best customers are in media, from Pixar, where VAST has been their render platform since Soul, to Ingenuity Studios or Kanal75. Those customers have consolidated their data onto VAST for everything from CGI and animation to post-production, and run some of those 5,700 streaming services that allow you to see the latest game or concert film on your laptop.

This year at NAB we’re showing off some of the features that make VAST unique, starting with the VAST Catalog, which presents all the system’s metadata as a queryable database table to make wrangling millions of files somewhat less of a herculean task. We’re also showing the VAST DataSpace, our global namespace, that lets users in multiple locations access a common dataset collaboratively without the eventual consistency problems created by previous attempts at a global namespace.

Since AI has been dominating the conversation both in and out of the media world, we’re demonstrating how AI can help media organizations manage and extract value from their assets. We’ll be showing Dewey.AI’s Dewey Vision reviewing an image repository and identifying files that store the same image across multiple formats such as MPEG, JPEG, and TIFF, and posting the results as S3 metadata tags to make future processing easier. This can reduce the space consumed by duplicate and lower-resolution images and enable other content-based management techniques.

One of our other demonstrations will show how the VAST DataSpace enables collaboration by presenting folders across VAST clusters in multiple locations. The specific application we’ll demonstrate is an editing package but the VAST DataSpace applies to a much wider range of collaboration and hybrid cloud applications. Whenever users in multiple locations need high-performance access to a common, consistent dataset, the VAST DataSpace is probably the answer.

We’ll be showing off the VAST DataSpace and the VAST Catalog because they’re the most obvious indications of how the VAST Data Platform offers more than just a scalable, all-flash storage system efficient enough you can afford to use it for all your data.

Of course, we’re happy to talk about the VAST Data Platform’s other virtues from the DASE architecture that lets you scale capacity and performance independently across multiple generations of hardware to deliver enterprise NAS ease of use with all-flash performance.

Additionally, VAST customers use a wide variety of tools to create and manage their assets, and we’re glad to announce that VAST is now certified for both Dalet Galaxy and Dalet Pyramid.

Come see us at NAB Show booth #SL7125 in the lower south hall to see how VAST can simplify, and accelerate your workflows.

You can schedule a meeting today. See you there!

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