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Apr 16, 2024

VAST Data Partners with Dalet to Simplify Efficient Data Management for Media-Rich Organizations

The VAST Data Platform, paired with Dalet’s media workflow and news production solutions delivers flexibility, productivity and efficiency to M&E industry

VAST Data Partners with Dalet to Simplify Efficient Data Management

Remote-First-Company | NEW YORK CITY – April 16, 2024 VAST Data, the AI data platform company, today announced a partnership with Dalet, a leading technology and service provider for media-rich organizations. The joint solution simplifies media asset management, offering more flexibility, and increased productivity and efficiency for media and data-centric organizations. This collaboration integrates the VAST Data Platform with Dalet’s media workflow platform to empower joint customers to manage all of their video and product assets in a unified experience.

VAST Data’s partnership with Dalet delivers a cost-effective solution that offers high-performance, future-proofed media asset management to help media and broadcast organizations streamline media workflows, increase productivity, reduce the time-to-market for high-quality content, and lower the total cost of ownership, all while fortifying security and data resiliency. VAST is certified with Dalet platforms, enabling customers to manage their media with multi-protocol file and object access without the need for additional data copies, ensuring non-stop access to their valuable assets even as they scale and upgrade their systems.

Together, VAST Data and Dalet deliver Media and Entertainment (M&E) customers, the following benefits:

  • Enhanced Performance and Efficiency: The integration promises to significantly improve the speed and efficiency of media operations, allowing for AI-enabled workflows that harness the power of a single, cloud-native technology stack to facilitate production, distribution, archive and monetization of news, sports, and entertainment across all channels.

  • Scalability for Future Growth: Customers will benefit from a highly scalable solution that effortlessly accommodates the burgeoning volumes of high-resolution content, ensuring that media data sets can grow without constraints.

  • Cost Reductions: VAST Data is one of the first vendors approved by Dalet to utilize its deduplication technology. By unifying a multi-modal data management environment, organizations can avoid incurring excess infrastructure costs leveraging VAST’s unique Similarity-based data reduction to store excess data and eliminate cross-protocol data sprawl. When combined with Dalet’s smart render technology, which intelligently conserves data by avoiding unnecessary decode/encode processes for untouched frames, customers can expect substantial savings.

  • Unmatched Data Reliability and Security: With VAST Data’s robust solutions, customers can rely on superior data durability and security, ensuring that valuable media assets are protected and always accessible. VAST Data eliminates many attack vectors in a multi-tenant environment by hosting industry-standard network attached services, object services, and database services from standard client protocols such as NFS, SMB, S3 and Apache Arrow.

Success in media and broadcasting requires the agility to respond to an ever-changing landscape of consumer tastes and evolving media technologies,” said John Mao, vice president, Technology Alliances at VAST Data. “This partnership is poised to redefine what’s possible in the media and entertainment industry, driving innovation and offering unparalleled efficiencies to our customers. The ability to seamlessly transition between Dalet Galaxy five and Dalet Pyramid without compromising data integrity or incurring additional storage costs represents a significant leap forward for the M&E industry.

By harnessing the VAST Data Platform, Dalet offers its customers a significant competitive edge, enabling them to leverage advanced capabilities for media production, distribution, and monetization.

Designed for mission-critical media workflows, Dalet’s unified platform for asset management, content production and orchestration maximizes return on investment (ROI) globally through industry-leading automation, full elasticity, and AI-enabled applications,” said Aaron Kroger, Product Marketing Lead at Dalet. “Leveraging VAST’s AI-driven infrastructure allows us to provide our users with cutting-edge capabilities to manage and monetize their content more effectively than ever before.

Learn more about VAST and Dalet at NAB 2024 by visiting VAST Data at booth #1424 and Dalet at booth #W1713.

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