May 19, 2022

Leveling Up Cloud-Based Management With VAST Uplink

Leveling Up Cloud-Based Management With VAST Uplink

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Upasna Gupta

Since VAST Data first launched, we’ve been on a mission to engineer a platform that brings unprecedented levels of speed, scale, and simplicity to some of the largest data environments around the world. In the quest for speed and scale, simplicity often gets overlooked. VAST Data’s objective is to bring simplicity at the forefront of everything we do, ultimately providing an effortless customer experience for our ecosystem of consumers.

This is why we have invested in building Uplink, our cloud-based service for telemetry and centralized fleet management. Launched in October 2021, VAST’s Uplink service offers customers a single control plane to monitor all their VAST clusters, anywhere in the world, by accessing the same centralized portal that VAST’s Co-Pilot and support teams use to manage your global fleet of VAST systems. This centralized, cloud-based management pane can be accessed from anywhere, providing a simple and unified customer experience portal to streamline every aspect of managing your distributed VAST clusters.


So, what are some of the ways in which Uplink simplifies how admins engage with their VAST clusters? Here are a few examples:

  • Monitor performance history, capacity utilization and system health

  • View/Manage alarms resulting from quota triggers, power supply failures etc

  • Access VAST documentation and the VAST Data knowledgebase

In our latest update, we have enabled Zendesk integration into Uplink, so that customers can now create, view, manage, & track the progress of their support tickets, ultimately delivering an intuitive customer support experience from within the same portal. Check out this demo to explore everything that Uplink can do for you.

While Uplink today provides robust cloud-hosted telemetry to monitor health, performance, and alerts, the vision for Uplink is to have it become the basis of a 360 degree experience that encompasses fine-grained access controls, multi-cloud management, customer communications and so much more. Ultimately, your investment in the VAST Data Platform should not only be about eliminating performance and scale compromises - we’re also looking to break the tradeoffs around system multiplicity and management complexity - where it’s now easy to manage 100s of sites from a single customer experience portal.

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