Nov 10, 2023

Data Resilience in Military Mission Systems: A New Approach Needed

Data Resilience in Military Mission Systems: A New Approach Needed

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Paul Briggs, Sales Director, VAST Data Federal

The United States faces a critical juncture in military strategy, a two-minute drill of monumental importance. The landscape has shifted, leaving behind the legacy of an industrial age, and catapulting us into an era defined by interconnectivity and data. The concept of data resilience in military mission systems has never been more crucial, transcending mere importance. 

In this high-stakes scenario, understanding why data resilience is paramount becomes a race against time. Here are several areas in which data resilience is critical:

Operational Continuity

Military missions unfold in diverse and challenging environments, from deserts to the cyber realm. Data resilience guarantees that essential information, indispensable for critical decisions and mission success, remains accessible at all times, safeguarding the lives of military personnel.


In a world besieged by cyber threats, data resilience acts as an impenetrable shield against data breaches and manipulation. It upholds the integrity and security of mission-critical information, fending off adversaries determined to disrupt military operations.

Data Redundancy

Data resilience is fortified by redundancy measures such as backup systems and distributed data storage. This strategic redundancy ensures that even if one data source or communication channel is compromised, military operations can still access vital information through alternative avenues.


Military operations frequently demand swift adaptation to evolving situations. Data resilience facilitates real-time adjustments and seamless shifts between data sources and communication channels, ensuring decision-makers are never left in the dark.

System Reliability

Military mission systems encompass a plethora of hardware, from drones to communication devices. Data resilience extends its protective umbrella to encompass not just data but the reliability of these systems, minimizing the risk of data loss due to hardware failures.

Data Integrity

Military missions hinge on accurate and trustworthy data. Data resilience includes mechanisms to verify and maintain data integrity, preventing the use of corrupted or tampered data in decision-making processes.

Safety and Lives

At the core of military mission systems are the lives of the personnel involved. Data resilience ensures that the right information reaches those who need it, contributing to the safety and success of military operations.

Historically, data protection and backup were often perceived as optional or mandated by bureaucratic regulations. However, the world has changed, and data resilience is now a linchpin in modern military mission systems. It ensures that data remains accessible, secure, and reliable, even in the face of adversity. In an era of complex military operations and persistent cyber threats, investing in data resilience is not just a choice; it's an imperative for safeguarding national security and the lives of those in uniform.

In today's dynamic landscape, it's imperative to break free from outdated technology and legacy procurement models. The fusion of the VAST Data Platform with our data protection partners provides military organizations with a powerful solution to instantly recover from any data loss scenario, including ransomware attacks, all while maintaining cost-effectiveness. The journey from legacy systems to cutting-edge technology is pivotal, ensuring the best resources flow to the front lines and truly supporting the warfighters who defend our nation.

As an industry insider and a believer in the fraternity that is the Department of Defense, I strive to bridge the gap between technology and those who need it most - the front-line fighters. VAST Data, in my view, is committed to this cause, breaking the mold of legacy procurement models and delivering world-class technology to the front lines, effectively and efficiently. The opportunity to discuss how we've revolutionized data resilience is one I eagerly anticipate. Drop me a line. It's time to stop buying yesterday's technology for tomorrow's challenges.

Paul Briggs is a United States Air Force veteran.

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