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The Age of Digital Transformation

For the past 30 years, we’ve been changing our behaviors and lifestyles as we get consumed by modern computers and smart devices. Along the way, we’ve become consumed by the digital world as we approach the limits of efficiency that can be gained through the digitization of our lives.


The Age of Natural Transformation

The paradigm shift brought about by the rise of artificial intelligence, powered by machine learning and deep learning algorithms, will give rise to a new era that is defined by how new AI computers will process on data from the natural world. This natural transformation era will be defined by how computers adapt themselves to the natural world and enable quantum leaps in autonomy, decisioning and prediction.


Reinventing data foundation from the ground up.

The VAST DataStore

In 2019, VAST Data introduced a new approach to storing and serving unstructured data - the VAST DataStore. By breaking the tradeoff between performance and capacity, the DataStore is now the foundation for enterprise AI-ready unstructured data storage.

The VAST DataBase

The VAST DataBase is the first modern architecture aimed at delivering the transactional performance of a database, the analytical performance of a data warehouse and the scale and affordability of a data lake.

The VAST DataSpace

In 2023, VAST Data introduced a new approach to providing global data access from edge to cloud. By breaking the tradeoff between strict-consistency and local performance, the DataSpace makes it possible to compute on data from any public, private or edge cloud platform.

The VAST DataEngine

In 2024, the VAST Data Platform will breathe life into data by adding support for triggers and functions into the system. The VAST DataEngine is designed to enable recursive data computing by allowing functions to process datasets that extend from the event queue to the data lake.

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