Seeweb and VAST Data Partner to Revolutionize Generative AI Cloud Services in Italy

Pioneering cloud solution provider Seeweb teams up with VAST Data to provide flexible, data-centric Cloud GPU Platform to Italian enterprises and public administrations

Industry Cloud Service Provider
Use Case AI

Seeweb is part of Dominion Hosting Holding, a platform of cloud and hosting companies, also including connectivity providers, who aim at growing together in the field of IT for supporting above all European companies in their business.

Seeweb, which now operates multiple data centers in Italy and Switzerland, is a pioneer of cloud solutions in Italy, is helping customers to accelerate their AI/ML projects while optimizing performance, time and costs.


Through this partnership, VAST will enable Seeweb to complete its latest innovation, the GPU Cloud Computing proposal, which features a complete range of GPU Cloud Servers with high-performing processing cards, combining cloud flexibility with GPU power, as the VAST Data Platform brings data governance and support for private AI projects with cost effectiveness and security.

With an innovative, seamless Kubernetes integration, Seeweb can offer customers access to GPUs connected with the VAST Data Platform from their local or cloud-based Kubernetes cluster with the simplicity and familiarity of tools already in use.

We selected the VAST Data Platform to provide companies, developers and researchers with the most secure, data-focused, cloud GPU platform - fully integrable with any already running on-premises or cloud architecture. Our customers understand the importance and value of their data. We’re committed to providing the most secure, compliant, cost-effective and sustainable cloud computing solutions by partnering with leading data infrastructure providers like VAST.

Antonio Baldassarra
CEO, Seeweb

Significantly, this cooperation will help Seeweb to deliver the most flexible, high performing and data-centric GPU cloud for European companies and public administrations on the market.