Press Release
Feb 25, 2020

World-Leading Telco Selects VAST Data Universal Storage To Power Tens of Petabytes of Splunk Ingest

New All-Flash Deployment Combines Fast Search, Fast Splunk Upgrades and Significant CAPEX Savings

World-Leading Telco Selects VAST Data Universal Storage To Power Tens of Petabytes of Splunk Ingest

New York – February 25, 2020 VAST Data, a storage company breaking decades-old tradeoffs, today announced that it has been selected by a major U.S. telecommunications company to transform the speed, serviceability and economics of its Splunk environment. The many-petabyte VAST all-flash storage cluster will ingest up to 1PB of log data per day while also abandoning the notion that long-retention log data should be slow to search on.

VAST’s Universal Storage platform is built entirely from affordable all-flash infrastructure and will enable rapid search for all of the customer’s Splunk data. By rolling their logs onto shared, network accessible storage, this customer can now depopulate data from Splunk indexer servers so that upgrades can be performed much faster.

The VAST Data ‘Cold.Flash’ solution introduces significant economic benefits for the customer, making it possible to finally afford flash storage for all hot and cold data:

  • VAST’s advanced support for low-cost QLC Flash enables savings that are greater than the more-expensive types of enterprise flash storage commonly found in Splunk hot storage buckets

  • VAST’s low-overhead erasure codes only add 2.5% system overhead at scale, which represents dramatic savings over replication-based (100% overhead) or triplication-based (200% overhead) solutions to protect Splunk log data

  • VAST’s similarity-based data reduction reduces all replicated Splunk buckets down to a single instance of storage with the added benefit of being able to further compress Splunk logs and index data that has already been reduced by Splunk

VAST’s Cold.Flash storage architecture for Splunk clusters provides many benefits over legacy DAS models for storing and searching through Splunk data, including: linear real-time search performance, the ability to scale Index servers independently of storage capacity, and CAPEX savings of up to 60% when compared to the conventional Hot+Warm+Cold DAS architectures that Splunk users have been deploying for years.

Organizations are generating massive streams of machine data, and flash is the obvious choice for organizations whose mission is to transform this data into insight,” said Jeff Denworth, VP Products and Co-founder at VAST Data. “We’re proud to be the storage solution of choice for some of the world’s leading data-driven IT Operations and Security teams, including this major U.S. telecommunications organization, enabling them to search on vast reserves of data in real-time, without needing to wrestle with any tradeoffs between performance and capacity. Simply put, VAST’s 100% flash solution future-proofs any Splunk infrastructure investment.

VAST will be hosting a webinar on March 12 at 11 am ET to discuss VAST’s Cold.Flash architecture for Splunk. Visit here to register and for a quick overview of VAST Data’s Cold.Flash solution for Splunk environments, please click here.