Press Release
Aug 31, 2021

VAST Data Puts Major Automaker in the Fast Lane

From Vehicle Design to Fueling Next-Gen Containerized Microservices, VAST’s Universal Storage Leaves Legacy Vendors in the Dust

VAST Data Puts Major Automaker in the Fast Lane

NEW YORK – August 31, 2021 – VAST Data, the storage software company breaking decades-old tradeoffs, today announced that a major auto manufacturer has given VAST’s Universal Storage platform the steering wheel. In doing so, the auto company is leveraging VAST’s all-flash architecture in an investment of over $10 million for critical data-intensive efforts from supporting the automotive design process to managing the complex datasets produced by next-generation intelligent vehicles.

The automotive industry is quickly becoming a data-intensive market, where cars don’t just run on gas or electricity, they run on data. From vehicle telemetry to monitor the performance of the car, to measuring user behavior to ensure the best passenger experience, to fueling a new generation of in-car applications and safety features, vehicles are becoming major data hubs. The unprecedented growth of data from always connected and autonomous cars has created new opportunities for data management.

VAST’s Universal Storage today is being deployed by this customer in every new core and edge data center to support everything from enterprise backup and application workloads to containerized big data applications. The automaker selected Universal Storage for its combination of limitless scale, resiliency and performance, allowing the company to preserve valuable data while achieving radical savings over legacy all-flash systems. Additionally, the innovative design and the cloud-like model of VAST Data’s Universal Storage platform allows the automaker to stay ahead of the data traffic jam that is being generated across the transportation industry.

We’re thrilled to be able to deliver on a storage experience that is as smooth as a Sunday drive,”  said Jeff Denworth, Co-founder and CMO at VAST. “With VAST, customers no longer need to worry about slow-performing datasets, so much so that we have made cloud storage infrastructure an afterthought for them. By offering best-in-class support thanks to initiatives like the VAST Data Co-Pilot program, we have essentially become an extension of their IT team, establishing a relationship built upon trust that will only continue to drive their innovation forward.

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