Press Release
Jun 5, 2019

VAST Data Launches Zero Compromise Guarantee To Eliminate The Guesswork From Advancing Innovation in Scalable Storage Infrastructure

Industry’s Strongest Data Storage Guarantee Ensures Best-In-Class Longevity, Data Reduction, Data Persistence and Uptime to Ensure Best Value and Least Risk

VAST Data Launches Zero Compromise Guarantee To Eliminate The Guesswork From Advancing Innovation in Scalable Storage Infrastructure

NEW YORK – June 5, 2019 – VAST Data, a storage company breaking decades-old tradeoffs, today announced its Zero Compromise Guarantee, offering new customer commitments around satisfaction and longevity, enabled by the resilience and innovation built into the VAST Data Universal Storage architecture. The multi-dimensional program serves as the storage industry’s strongest guarantee, providing a decade of QLC SSD endurance protection, guaranteed best-in-class data reduction, fixed maintenance pricing, and guaranteed system uptime and data persistence.

The announcement of the Zero Compromise Guarantee follows on the heels of VAST’s emergence from stealth mode in February, when the company launched its Universal Storage architecture, announced record-breaking sales and $80M of funding from leading investors. This warranty program furthers VAST’s commitment to the revolutionary idea of Universal Storage and safeguards the prospect of storage acquisition, combining the performance of flash with unprecedented scale and economics to simplify the data center and unleash new insights.

Investing in emerging storage technologies has long been a leap of faith for customers who are willing to assume some amount of risk dealing with new vendors and architectures,” said Jeff Denworth, VP of Products of VAST. “The VAST Disaggregated, Shared-Everything storage concept resolves many of the biggest challenges that have plagued storage engineering efforts for decades and eliminates complications around mechanical media, storage controller failures or volatile storage caching. VAST’s innovation agenda is focused on creating customer value while making storage simpler and safer — all backed by the industry’s best guarantee.

VAST Data’s approach to system architecture enables a dramatically more resilient and efficient storage experience. As a result, VAST Data offers a collection of investment protections that eliminate purchase consideration tradeoffs to take the guesswork out of adopting advanced technology, including the following:

  • Guaranteed against data loss and guaranteed uptime: The VAST system will never lose data due to system volatility, since it doesn’t write data at all to volatile DRAM. Furthermore, the system will never experience downtime due to a combination of controller hardware failures. Even in clusters consisting of hundreds of controllers, as long as there is at least one surviving controller online, a VAST storage cluster will remain online or VAST will provide one year of support at no cost.

  • Guaranteed best-in-class data reduction: VAST’s breakthrough approach to similarity-based data reduction is designed to deliver groundbreaking levels of storage efficiency. If, for any reason, a VAST storage system doesn’t deliver the best storage efficiency your data has ever seen, the company will provide additional storage to cover the difference at no additional cost.

  • A decade of operation and fixed maintenance pricing: VAST has pioneered the use of low-endurance QLC flash in an enterprise storage cluster architecture that delivers unnaturally high levels of endurance from low-cost flash drives. Without being saddled by the failures that happen to HDDs as they age, customers under an active VAST maintenance agreement benefit from up to 10 years of HW warranty — not just for HW and SW issues — but also for 10 years of QLC flash endurance. Furthermore, VAST is breaking from the industry standard to offer a flat, 10-year fixed price model so that customers have no surprises as their equipment ages and it’s simple to amortize an investment in VAST over a decade.

  • A dedicated Shadow Support resource for greater peace of mind: VAST’s Shadow Support team leverages a cloud-based remote monitoring service to provide VAST engineers with real-time insights into a system’s operation experience. For a period of six months, VAST engineers will proactively monitor your cluster and provide guidance and counseling across all of the company’s support channels (Slack, email, text, support portal) so that customers can engage in the way they feel most comfortable.

  • All-Access feature releases: VAST guarantees that any customer under an active maintenance agreement will get all-inclusive access to today’s and tomorrow’s Universal Storage cluster software features without having to pay any additional licensing or capacity charges.

  • Unconditional right to return: Customers can return their system for any reason at any time until 60 days after its delivery. No fine print. No hassles. No risk.

“VAST Data’s Zero Compromises Guarantee makes it simple and risk-free for customers to advance their technology agenda and realize the vision of a true all-flash data center,” said Joe Corbett, Chief Operating Officer of the Cumberland Group. “By making it easy for customers, VAST enables its partners to solve critical storage challenges for clients and grow their businesses faster.”

For more information on the VAST Data Zero Compromise Guarantee please click here.