Press Release
Sep 12, 2019

VAST Data Launches Next Generation Universal Storage Architecture Designed to Increase Performance, Resilience and Scale for Modern Data Driven Applications

Version 2.0 Ships to Continue VAST’s Mission to Elevate All Data and Applications to Flash

VAST Data Launches Next Generation Universal Storage Architecture Designed to Increase Performance, Resilience and Scale for Modern Data Driven Applications

New York – September 12, 2019 – VAST Data, pioneering the use of QLC Flash, Intel Optane and NVMe over Fabrics with advanced algorithms to break decades-old storage tradeoffs, today launched version 2.0 of its Universal Storage architecture which includes no-compromise no-overhead snapshots, accelerated support for AI applications and asymmetric cluster expansion. These innovations are designed to increase performance and resiliency for today’s data intensive applications while also preserving investments as enterprises grapple with storage challenges associated with exponential data growth.

Version 2.0 of VAST’s Universal Storage platform builds upon the company’s revolutionary approach to data storage, which initially launched back in February. Among the key updates to version 2.0 of VAST’s Universal Storage architecture:

  • Acceleration for AI Applications: VAST has upgraded its NFS server to offer optional support for RDMA acceleration for high bandwidth machine learning and deep learning applications. With this new capability, customers running either Ethernet or Infiniband networks can achieve more than 20GB/s of single-client performance. VAST’s NFS offering delivers four times the performance compared to other scale-out NAS systems – ensuring that applications are never data starved and that expensive GPU investments are optimized for efficiency. The resulting solution provides the performance of a parallel file system, the IOPS and consistency of an all-flash experience and the deployment simplicity of a NAS appliance. AI, HPC and web-scale pipelines can now work faster, even in the face of rapidly changing application requirements.

  • No-Compromise, No-Overhead Snapshots: A modern approach to data protection that eliminates the copying of data or metadata during a snapshot event. Unlike legacy storage technologies, VAST’s snapshot engine is continuously running and allows users to instantly take snapshots with a very fine degree of granularity without compromising on performance, storage capacity or Flash drive wear – making it easy to protect data from accidental deletion or ransomware tampering.

  • Asymmetric Cluster Expansion: Enables VAST’s Universal Storage clusters to expand online on an architecture that supports a diverse mix of hardware platforms participating in one unified namespace. With VAST’s asymmetric architecture, customers can add performance or capacity independently, and never need to think about forklift upgrading storage, migrating data or isolating data to pools of homogenous storage in their data center.

“The record-breaking adoption of VAST’s Universal Storage system is a validation of our belief that today’s leading organizations are tired of the decades of storage compromises they have been forced to endure,” said Jeff Denworth, VP of Products and Co-Founder at VAST. “The innovations brought forward in version 2.0 are designed to further increase performance and enterprise resilience for today’s modern applications.”

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