Press Release
Nov 11, 2021

VAST Data Appoints George Axberg to Lead Enterprise Data Protection Strategy

Industry Expert Bolsters VAST’s Data Protection and Cyber Expertise

VAST Data Appoints George Axberg to Lead Enterprise Data Protection Strategy

NEW YORK – November 11, 2021 – VAST Data, the storage software company breaking decades-old tradeoffs, today announced the appointment of George Axberg to lead the company’s data protection strategy with its global customers. The Axberg appointment comes on the heels of VAST Data’s recent ransomware protection updates to Universal Storage, and further supports the company’s efforts in providing customers with trusted expertise and robust technology solutions to meet today’s new data protection requirements.

“Universal Storage is globally known for delivering all-flash performance at disk-based economics, and now with its new ransomware features, businesses can take full advantage of a highly performant and hardened enterprise platform that they can trust,” said VAST Data President Michael Wing. “George is a long-time industry leader who has played a pivotal role in helping customers choose the right solution to support their data protection strategy. His expertise and leadership at VAST will help drive the next major inflection point in data protection applications: the move from disk to all-flash architectures.”

VAST Data’s Universal Storage combines breakthrough levels of storage efficiency with all-flash technology, providing not only ransomware protection capabilities and fast backups but also powerful restore performance that lets system operators minimize user impact at a cost that is comparable to hard-drive-based backup appliances. Customers can now deploy Universal Storage to restore and recover thousands of virtual machines in minutes, not hours. Additionally, on top of the data compression options offered through VAST’s backup partners, Universal Storage can deliver additional efficiencies and cost savings through its similarity-based data reduction algorithms that allow customers to further reduce data, thus increasing available storage capacity with all-flash performance.

Data loss for any period of time is the worst thing that can happen to a business because it undermines customer trust. In the unlikely event of unplanned downtime, VAST Data’s all-flash storage architecture can help companies recover data up to 50 times faster than HDD-based systems,” said Axberg. “This is the biggest thing to happen to backup targets since they moved from tape to disk 20 years ago. Universal Storage is the architecture of the future because it delivers the performance, scalability, security and cost advantages that legacy storage just can’t match.

Prior to joining VAST Data, Axberg spent 16 years at Dell EMC where he led the company’s sales strategy for data protection, availability, backup and recovery.

Ransomware Increases the Need for Data Protection

As businesses become increasingly digital, they become more vulnerable to cyberattacks, including ransomware which alone cost U.S. businesses more than $2 million to remediate. VAST Data’s recently introduced VASTOS version 4 features indestructible snapshots that provide customers with an additional layer of ransomware protection. VASTOS version 4 also provides policy-based data isolation in multi-tenant environments which restricts data access along hardware and network boundaries.

Cybersecurity is top of mind for every CIO on the planet,” continued Axberg. “VAST Data is setting the de facto standard for companies operating in the digital universe, delivering critical cybersecurity safeguards for all of their critical data sets. With Universal Storage, we truly are addressing a universal need for today’s enterprises.