Nebul Accelerates AI Adoption in Europe

Nebul is anchored by a multi-petabyte VAST Data Platform cluster, which provides the basis of performance and scalability needed to support their clients’ rapidly growing AI workloads.

Industry Cloud Service Provider
Use Case AI

Nebul, a pioneering sovereign cloud provider that forges private high-performance cloud with the convenience and global reach of public cloud into a future proof multi-cloud. Nebul is on a mission to enable faster adoption of AI across Europe. Nebul focuses on horizontal industries such as Enterprises, Government and Universities, SaaS Providers, MSPs and cutting-edge Startups. Nebul aims to make Europe more competitive and relevant in AI by providing not only accelerated infrastructure but also the expertise and services needed to enable modern AI initiatives.


At the heart of Nebul’s offering is their Private AI Cloud Service, designed to run HPC and AI workloads based on NVIDIA computing infrastructure. “Our ambition is to enable European organizations to securely leverage their data for new, value driven use-cases, by connecting relevant data to high-performance computing infrastructure for supporting AI and HPC workloads. These modern use-cases are now in the adoption phase of becoming mainstream in Europe” explains Arnold Juffer, CEO and Founder of Nebul.

According to Juffer, Private AI is essential for corporate and government use, as it ensures strategic AI independence, maintains sovereignty, and ensures compliance by keeping sensitive organizational data within their specific data protection guidelines. “Public AI is great for learning, experimentation, and common public use, but corporate use in the EU requires Private AI.”

Nebul’s Private AI philosophy strategically hinges on keeping data secure and within EU legislation boundaries. Rather than connecting sensitive organizational data to Public or shared AI platforms, Nebul advises deploying an independent AI factory in the same domain where the secured data is, conforming to required EU data protection policies, typically already in-place. This approach ensures EU data is not shared with third parties or US hyperscalers subject to the US Cloud Act, protecting European organizations from unwanted US data collection laws. Nebul guarantees that European cloud customers can keep sensitive data compliant within EU legislation while simultaneously accessing a flexible multi-cloud environment, integrating both US public cloud and EU private cloud to support customers varying needs and protecting sensitive data sets contained within newer AI workloads.


Nebul’s Accelerated Hybrid Cloud is anchored by a multi-petabyte VAST Data Platform Cluster, which provides the basis of performance and scalability needed to support their clients’ rapidly growing AI workloads. “The modern architecture of VAST was essential to us,” says Juffer. We understand the market will end up where VAST is going.

In addition to the VAST Data Platform, Nebul leverages an ecosystem of leading technologies, with NVIDIA at the center, enriched by technologies like Run:AI for GPU orchestration, UbiOps for simplifying data scientists’ interfacing, and Weights & Biases for tracking data in model building and tuning. Prompt Security, a unified Generative AI security platform, provides visibility into AI tool usage and helps to create visibility and enables governance and protection for companies that want to protect themselves against the risks of shadow AI.

As Nebul continues to innovate and enable European AI initiatives, the VAST Data Platform remains a crucial enabler of its vision. "VAST has been a great partner, delivering a data platform that works wonderfully well for us and our customers, removing bottlenecks, limits, and allows us to focus on the outcomes.”

Our confidence in VAST stems from the strength of their team, including the founding and executive members, their extensive experience, and the credibility they’ve brought to the table, the modern VAST architecture was pivotal, particularly with its focus on supporting all relevant open file protocols required for HPC and AI. Understanding VAST’s roadmap, architecture, and core design for scalability was a crucial part of our decision.

Arnold Juffer
Founder, Nebul