GreenNode Collaborates with VAST Data to Supercharge AI Innovation

Accelerate the development and adoption of AI advancements across the Asia Pacific region.

Industry Cloud Service Provider
Use Case AI

GreenNode, a leading GPU Cloud provider in Asia, partnered with VAST Data to boost AI innovation in the APAC region. This collaboration will provide startups and businesses with immediate access to AI infrastructure resources, enabling them to achieve their full potential through tailored AI platforms and applications.


The APAC AI market is expected to grow significantly, with a forecasted CAGR of over 38%, reaching around $1 trillion USD by 2032. However, regional businesses face challenges in accessing the necessary infrastructure and expertise for effective AI project implementation. GreenNode's H100-powered GPU Cloud infrastructure and Infiniband network, combined with VAST Data's advanced AI data platform leveraging Nvidia's BlueField-3 DPUs, address these challenges.


The collaboration promises faster AI model training, exceptional data management, and cost-effective AI deployment. VAST's multi-tenant capabilities enhance GreenNode's ability to handle resource-intensive AI workloads securely and efficiently. This partnership is set to democratize AI, making it more accessible to businesses across the APAC region, thereby driving growth, improving efficiencies, and maintaining a competitive edge in the AI era.

Together with VAST Data, we will deliver a powerful and scalable AI development platform that allows our clients to leverage the potential of data and AI applications to drive growth, improve efficiencies, and stay ahead of the AI era.

Tung Vu
Head of Product, GreenNode