Delivering AI-Optimized Cloud Infrastructure for Organizations Worldwide

Genesis Cloud selects the VAST Data Platform to power affordable and easy to use high performance cloud computing services.

Industry Cloud Service Provider
Use Case AI

VAST and Genesis Cloud are poised to make AI and accelerated cloud computing more efficient, scalable and accessible to organizations across the globe.

Genesis Cloud helps businesses optimize their AI training and inference pipeline by offering performance and capacity for AI projects at scale while providing enterprise-grade features. The company is using the VAST Data Platform to build the most comprehensive set of AI data services in the industry. With VAST, Genesis Cloud is leading a new generation of AI initiatives and Large Language Model (LLM) development by delivering highly automated infrastructure with exceptional performance and hyperscaler efficiency.

Key benefits include:

  • Multitenancy Enabling Concurrent Users Across Public Cloud: VAST allows multiple, disparate organizations to share access to the VAST DataStore, enabling Genesis Cloud to allocate orders for capacity as needed while delivering unparalleled performance.

  • Enhancing Security in Cloud Environments: By implementing a Zero Trust security strategy, the VAST Data Platform provides superior security for AI/ML and analytics workloads with Genesis Cloud customers, helping organizations achieve regulatory compliance and maintain the security of their most sensitive data in the cloud.

  • Simplified Workloads: Managing the data required to train LLMs is a complex data science process. Using the VAST Data Platform’s high performance, single tier and feature rich capabilities, Genesis Cloud is delivering data services that simplify and streamline data set preparation to better facilitate model training.

  • Quick and Easy to Deploy: The intuitive design of the VAST Data Platform simplifies the complexities traditionally associated with other data management offerings, providing Genesis Cloud with a seamless and efficient deployment experience.

  • Improved GPU Utilization: By providing fast, real-time access to data across public and private clouds, VAST eliminates data loading bottlenecks to ensure high GPU utilization, better efficiency and ultimately lower costs to the end customer. 

  • Future Proof Investment with Robust Enterprise Features: The VAST Data Platform consolidates storage, database, and global namespace capabilities that offer unique productization opportunities for service providers.

The VAST Data Platform was the obvious choice, bringing performance, scalability and simplicity paired with rich enterprise features and functionality. Throughout our assessment, we were incredibly impressed not just with VAST’s capabilities and product roadmap, but also their enthusiasm around the opportunity for co-development on future solutions.

Dr. Stefan Schiefer
CEO, Genesis Cloud