Building a Multi-Hundred Petabyte Data Cloud for AI

Core42, previously named G42 Cloud, is a leading cloud provider in the UAE. Core42 and VAST joined forces in an ambitious strategic partnership to reimagine the future of data-intensive AI computing. Core42 selected the VAST Data Platform to build a central data foundation for a global network of AI supercomputers and to store and learn from hundreds of petabytes of data.

Industry Cloud Service Provider
Use Case AI
Core42: A Global Network of AI Supercomputers

Core42 leads transformative advancements in UAE & beyond, using AI to enhance cloud infrastructure for intuitive, agile, & effective solutions.

Core42: Laying The Foundation For A Global Network of AI Supercomputers

Watch as Core42's Chief Strategy Officer Edmondo Orlotti and VAST Data Co-Founder Jeff Denworth discuss AI infrastructure and Core42’s large-scale AI efforts.


Core42 is a Cloud Service Provider, National Cloud Operator, and a provider of cloud-based, AI supercomputers based in the UAE. Since its inception in 2018, the company has focused on delivering world-class, secure, and scalable platforms that underpin digital transformation and sovereignty across the public sector and regulated industries, making organizations more intuitive, agile, and efficient to solve real-world challenges.


The VAST Data Platform will serve as a central multi-tenant and secure data platform that scales capacity and performance to power a multi-architecture high performance computing system as well as the recently announced world’s largest AI supercomputer, Condor Galaxy. In total, a single VAST Data cluster will support multiple ExaFLOPs of AI supercomputing capability in one of the world’s largest AI clouds.