Accelerating Genetic Data Analytics for Faster Medical Insights

VAST's all-flash data platform enables CeGat to quickly make discoveries from massive volumes of genomics sequence data, fueling medical breakthroughs.

Industry Life Sciences (Health Care)
Use Case Genomics

CeGaT is a leading global provider of genetic diagnostics and next-generation sequencing (NGS) services. The nature of CeGaT's research processes require the company to collect, analyze, and interpret terabytes of data daily quickly and accurately. CeGaT's previous hybrid flash + HDD storage system couldn’t keep up with growing demands for speed, volume and scalability, compelling the company to find data infrastructure that could support its ambitious growth strategy. CeGaT selected the VAST Data Platform to take a revolutionary leap in system scale, performance and resiliency.

Every second counts for patients waiting for a diagnosis, and the implications of VAST’s technology and the speed at which we can now process diagnosis is quite literally life-saving.

Tim Scheurenbrand
CeGaT GmbH, IT Director