Jun 28, 2024

VAST Named Best Deep Learning Platform in 2024 AI Breakthrough Awards

VAST Named Best Deep Learning Platform in 2024 AI Breakthrough Awards

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Marianne Budnik, CMO

We’re proud to share that the VAST Data Platform has been named the Best Deep Learning Platform in the seventh annual AI Breakthrough Awards

Deep learning AI is the raison d'etre for the VAST Data Platform, making this an especially gratifying award. Data is the foundation of deep learning and therefore is every company’s most valuable asset. VAST envisioned, designed, and built the VAST Data Platform to empower organizations to unlock the value of all their data and to bring deep learning to that data.

As previously written in this space, the age of deep learning is here and with it comes immense potential for unlocking unprecedented advancements in technology, economics, scientific research, and nearly any other field. 

VAST customers like the Allen Institute and PacBio are accelerating research into diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Lola VFX and Pixar are pioneering new approaches to next-generation visual presentations. GPU cloud providers like Taiga Cloud are building scalable generative AI cloud services to Europe driven by 100 percent carbon-free energy. 

The examples are abounding and just beginning. 

As always, thank you to our team, our partners, and our customers for taking this journey with us. There’s much more to come!

VAST’s platform enables enterprise AI and LLM systems to drive new discoveries in the deep learning era. With data the only competitive advantage in AI, infrastructure that can simplify and scale it is crucial. Existing data platforms aren’t built to meet the needs of deep learning applications. The VAST Data Platform's capacity to process large quantities of data at unparalleled scale and speed signifies a transformative shift in industry operations, underscoring the pivotal role of deep learning AI in shaping future advancements. We’re pleased to award VAST ‘Best Deep Learning Platform!’

Steve Johansson, Managing Director, AI Breakthrough

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