Apr 20, 2023

The Path to the Green Data Center

The Path to the Green Data Center

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Jim Crook

Environmental considerations continue to be at the forefront of organizations’ strategic initiatives this Earth Day 2023. Two-thirds of executives say their organization has entered “a new era of corporate purpose,” focused on aims beyond financial returns, according to a February Gartner report on ESG strategies.

Not that business leaders can afford to take their eye off the financial side of things. Energy costs around the world continue to spike for wide-ranging reasons with no clear path to relief in sight. Late last year Microsoft announced it would pay more than $800m in extra energy costs to operate its data centers. (Those of us paying home heating and electricity bills are also feeling the pinch on a smaller scale.)

Doing good for the planet and the balance sheet is a double win, and Earth Day is a natural checkpoint to reflect on organizational IT efficiency. As data volumes continue to explode, executives are making huge investments in their new data infrastructure to firstly ensure they can handle projected data volumes, but also solve for energy costs, risk mitigation, ESG strategies, and the need for data to fulfill regulators’ requests. 

In short, building an environmentally-friendly data center is now paramount.

We know it’s not easy being (really) green, but we believe the efficiency innovations in the VAST Data Platform enable the environmentally-compelling propositions customers need to pursue their sustainability goals.


We invite you to read the VAST Sustainability Report for a data-driven breakdown of how we’ve set the foundation for an environmentally conscious, high-performance data center.

From all of us at VAST, happy reading and Happy Earth Day.

Gartner, Maverick Research: To Do Good, Stop Following ESG Standards, Emily Riley, 10 February 2023

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