May 2, 2024

Power Duo: VAST and Dremio

Power Duo: VAST Data Platform and Dremio

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Colleen Tartow, PhD, Field CTO and Head of Strategy, VAST Data

In the ever-evolving landscape of data, the quest for efficiency, speed, and versatility remains paramount. Today, we are thrilled to announce a reignited collaboration between VAST and Dremio, redefining the landscape of data management and analytics. This partnership introduces a Dremio plug-in for the VAST DataBase that's poised to revolutionize how businesses harness the power of their data. With this integration, we are not only accelerating time to value for data but also paving the way for seamless AI and BI integration on a single, comprehensive platform.

Dremio on VAST

In theory and in practice, VAST and Dremio share a common goal: to accelerate the time to value for data. While VAST excels at data collection, ingestion, and curation with best-in-class performance and cost efficiency at the largest scales, Dremio focuses on bringing data together, analyzing it and providing insight to downstream consumers. Together, these two technologies cover the full data pipeline from source to value, streamlining the process and allowing data personas to focus on the organization’s specific business logic and consumption patterns.

The partnership between VAST and Dremio has been longstanding, and provides two use cases for combining the power of these two technologies:

  1. Dremio on VAST DataBase

  2. Dremio on VAST S3

Introducing the Dremio Connector for the VAST DataBase

The culmination of the collaboration between our two data analytics solutions is the introduction of the Dremio plug-in for the VAST DataBase. This integration marks a significant milestone in the journey towards a more seamless and efficient data ecosystem.

By bridging the gap between storage and analytics, the Dremio plug-in enables organizations to:

  1. Embrace a comprehensive data pipeline. From data collection to consumption, the VAST Data Platform and Dremio form the backbone of a more efficient and streamlined data pipeline. Whether data is ingested from IoT devices, transactional systems, or external sources, it flows seamlessly into the VAST DataBase, which has both transactional (OLTP, ACID) and analytical (OLAP) capabilities. With a simplified pipeline for data and analytics, data can be available within Dremio faster and at larger scales, leading to greater efficiency and accelerated time-to-value for data overall, reducing costs by orders of magnitude. 

  2. Accelerate Time to Value. With direct access to the VAST DataBase from within the Dremio platform, users can expedite the process of data discovery, exploration, analysis, and visualization. By leveraging Dremio’s data products functionality as well as its myriad downstream connectors to analytics tools, this streamlined workflow translates to faster insights and quicker decision-making, driving tangible business outcomes.

  3. Unlock AI and BI Convergence. Leveraging VAST and Dremio together facilitates the convergence of AI and BI on a single platform, eliminating data silos and fostering collaboration across teams. Whether it's predictive analytics, machine learning, or traditional business intelligence, users can seamlessly harness the power of both paradigms to gain deeper insights and drive innovation. Moreover, even the deepest AI applications focusing on unstructured data will still leverage structured data, necessitating a structured data solution and query/consumption layer that meets the demand of downstream users.

See the plug-in in action here:

It’s been well established that the most critical piece of any analytics or AI work is data engineering: the gathering, cleansing, and manipulation of the data required as input to the final model or analysis. In fact, as much as 80% of the effort during a project is data engineering work.

This is where VAST and Dremio excel and provide significant value. With VAST as the AI-focused data platform and Dremio as the SQL query engine and unified analytics layer, both AI and BI use cases can be served by the same comprehensive data platform.

Dremio on VAST S3 as an Ultra-Fast Data Lakehouse

Using VAST as an S3 backend for Dremio as a data lake source has and continues to be a popular solution for data lakes based on object storage. With the power of VAST as an affordable, exabyte-scale data lake, Dremio provides an unparalleled lakehouse experience. By harnessing the power of Apache Iceberg on VAST S3, users can leverage the benefits of open source and proprietary technologies to minimize the cost-per-query while maximizing the performance and scalability of their data platform.

A wide array of customers across verticals have seen great success with the combination of Dremio and VAST S3, including major international banks, government agencies, e-commerce companies, and insurance giants.

Empowering Organizations with a Complete Solution

As we embark on this journey towards a more integrated and efficient data ecosystem, the partnership between the VAST Data Platform and Dremio heralds a new era of possibilities. Together, we are redefining the boundaries of what's achievable in data management and analytics, empowering organizations to unleash the full potential of their data and drive unparalleled innovation. Join us as we pave the way for a future where data knows no bounds, and insights abound at every turn.

Stay tuned for interesting numbers and benchmarks that quantify the tangible benefits of adopting the VAST Data Platform and Dremio integration.

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