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Mar 12, 2024

VAST Data and Supermicro Partner to Simplify and Accelerate AI Pipelines

New collaboration combines VAST Data software, Supermicro hardware and NVIDIA technologies to simplify deployment of hyperscale AI infrastructure

VAST Data and Supermicro Partner to Simplify and  Accelerate AI Pipelines

Remote-First-Company | NEW YORK CITY –  March 12, 2024 VAST Data, the AI data platform company, and Supermicro (NASDAQ: SMCI), a Total IT Solution Manufacturer for AI, Cloud, Storage, and 5G/Edge, today announced a new collaboration to deliver a full-stack, end-to-end AI solution aimed at simplifying the creation and expansion of large-scale AI deployments. Through this collaboration, VAST Data and Supermicro are offering service providers, hyperscale technology companies and large, data-centric enterprises with a highly performant and resilient AI solution powered by NVIDIA-Certified Systems.

The solution offers service providers and enterprises multi-tenancy, zero-trust security and scalability, making it invaluable for organizations dealing with large volumes of proprietary data and requiring agility in their operations. With the VAST Data Platform, organizations can now automatically store and apply context to unstructured data, accelerate data analytics with a new approach to transactional and analytical data warehousing, and eliminate data silos with a unified global namespace from edge-to-cloud. Additionally, the VAST Data Platform resolves the long-standing compromise between performance and capacity, ensuring unified access to all data.

In an era where organizations globally are launching and scaling their AI initiatives at a blistering pace, staying competitive requires them to work with infrastructure providers who are proven at hyperscale," said Renen Hallak, CEO and co-founder of VAST Data. "Collaborating with Supermicro, we're delivering a unified hyperscale data platform that will make it easier for service providers and enterprises to be competitive in the AI race. With a revolutionary parallel architecture that is built with enterprise data management tools for unstructured and structured data, this joint solution is the ideal platform for the modern era of AI computing.

Together, VAST Data and Supermicro are providing organizations with unique capabilities critical to ensuring AI success:

  • Limitless Scale and High GPU Utilization: The solution has broken the tradeoff between scale and uptime. Organizations can scale VAST + Supermicro clusters to exabyte levels while enjoying over 99.9999 percent uptime (a unique combination)

  • A Linearly-Scalable Parallel Architecture: The VAST DASE™ (Disaggregated Shared Everything) architecture is the world’s first truly parallel system architecture, which makes it possible to feed the world’s largest GPU clusters.

  • Unified Support for Data Prep and Data Training: VAST uniquely combines a file and object storage system with a high-performance transactional database management system. This pairing makes it possible for customers to drive innovative feature engineering using Apache Spark accelerated by the VAST DataBase, while also feeding large training and inference workloads using the VAST DataStore.

  • Edge to Cloud Data Access: VAST's global namespace eradicates data silos, achieving instant data availability and strict write consistency across locations, while preserving the performance of  local systems by pioneering new methods of edge caching and decentralized lock management.

Supermicro is excited to collaborate with VAST Data to deploy their VAST Data Platform," said Charles Liang, president and CEO at Supermicro. "Leveraging Supermicro's NVIDIA-Certified Systems portfolio with VAST Data's software platform combines the compute and data functions into a Supermicro platform that’s ideal for large-scale AI deployments, enabling significant deep learning performance.

Supermicro + VAST Data

Supermicro offers one of the broadest selections of NVIDIA-Certified Systems. Each is compatible with NVIDIA AI Enterprise, an end-to-end, cloud-native software platform for accelerating data science pipelines and streamlining the development and deployment of production-grade AI applications, including generative AI. The systems provide performance and efficiency to organizations ranging from small enterprises to those deploying massive AI training clusters, digital twins and distributed inference solutions. With NVIDIA accelerated computing and networking, Supermicro’s NVIDIA-Certified Systems deliver up to nine times the training performance of the previous generation for some of the most challenging AI models, cutting days or weeks of training time to hours.

Designed for cloud service providers and enterprises, the VAST Data Platform serves as the comprehensive software infrastructure for data-intensive computing, able to capture, catalog, refine, enrich, and preserve data through real-time data analysis and deep learning. 

To learn more, join VAST Data at NVIDIA GTC, a global AI developer conference running March 18-21 in San Jose, California, at Booth #1424, and be sure to tune in to the AI Showcase starting at 11:00am PT, featuring presentations from VAST, Supermicro, NVIDIA and Run:ai.


Customers can now buy a fully optimized VAST Data Platform AI solution stack directly from Supermicro or select distribution channels. Visit the Supermicro webpage or contact your systems integrator to learn more.

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